Los Angeles International Underground Film Festival


“#omgimtrending” Dir. Jorge Enrique Ponce

Fickle Fletch Finn will go through unfathomable measures to get his beloved fixie back, after it's stolen by a mysterious pink unicorn.

“Tinsel” Dir. Chris Ruffatto

Since it's formation Los Angeles has been a city full of back alley dealing and crime. Teddy Talent, a hip photographer, is given an old 78rpm record. But little does he know that masked behind the wax ridges lies a secret to the beast within the city of dreams. With each turn of the record player, horrors from the past and present find their way past the surface of bright lights. Murder and cover-ups gone bad are only the beginning.

“Ethan” Dir. Tamir Moscovici

ETHAN is a documentary short film about Tourette Syndrome. This is a simple story exploring a DAY IN THE LIFE of a teenager with Tourette Syndrome. A visual essay, this film examines the quieter side of documentary film making. By taking a step back from the traditional talking head interview, the film shows rather then tells the audience what it is like for Ethan to live with TS.

“Nasseredin Shah And His 84 Wives” Dir. Beate Petersen

In 1842 the 11 year-old heir to the Persian throne, Nasseredin Mirza, received a photographic camera from Queen Victoria of England. In the following decades he documented his life, revealing to the public eye, what the public eye never was supposed to see.

“Off-Ramp” Dir. Natasha Johns-Messenger

A lonely older woman learns more than she bargains for when she tries to save the life of a suicidal young man.

“Ills” Dir. Ron Williams

A guy and a girl reminisce about their history of getting each other sick...a musical.

“The Particles-Taken Away” Dir. Fred Khoshtinat

You do not need to go to the movies to experience massive special effects that would make Michael Bay jealous. You do not need to go to Metropolitan Museum of Art to hear the instruments dating back thousands of years and you do not need to visit Brooklyn to hear the most unique collaborations, these things can all be found in the video from The Particles titled Taken Away.

“Blind Man’s Curse” Dir. Andres Mentez

“Burn” Dir. Jerry Pyle

Revenge is a dish best served burned.

“Raven” Dir. Juan Azulay

A girl, her drug dealer, and her boyfriend on the night she hits rock bottom.

“Fatal” Dir.Fernando Chien

When a forbiden romance is discovered, a hitman must choose between love and duty.

“Armor” Dir. Vanita Shastry

An ice-hockey player gears up for a big game.

“Keep Running” Dir. Brinton Bryan

A day in the life of a Los Angeles homeless man, searching the city for purpose and recognition. Looking for his long lost love, he stumbles into a blast for the past that alters his life forever.

“Melvins” Dir.Chris Garlington

Social networking destroys social interaction.

“Run” Dir. Alex Stickroth

Lawman Baldy Tucker is chased deep into the desert mountains by the ruthless outlaw Red Beard. A gunfight ensues.

“Where Is The Love?” Lucas Hug

A boy and a girl flirt with each other, but inadvertently, the boy crushes the girl's foot, and they gradually end up destroying one another.

“Family Tree-Black Lips Dir. Kyle Safieh

Director Kyle Safieh has drawn inspiration from the 1960's Viennese Actionists, whose performance art led to public outrage, numerous arrests and eventual deportation. How perfect for the Black Lips, a band whose musical endeavors have been intermingled with arrests, self-imposed deportation and shenanigans on par with performance art. 'Family Tree' is the new single off of the Mark Ronson produced 'Arabian Mountain' released by VICE Records.

Best Narrative Short

“#omgimtrending” Dir. Jorge Enrique Ponce

Best Narrative Feature

“Tinsel” Dir. Chris Ruffatto

Best Documentary Short

“Ethan” Dir. Tamir Moscovici

Best Documentary Feature

“Nasseredin Shah And His 84 Wives” Dir. Beate Petersen

Best Student Film

“Off-Ramp” Dir. Natasha Johns-Messenger

Best Animation

“Ills” Dir. Ron Williams

Best Experimental

“Raven” Dir. Juan Azulay

Best Music Video

“The Particles-Taken Away” Dir. Fred Khoshtinat

Best Foreign Film

“Nasseredin Shah And His 84 Wives” Dir. Beate Petersen

Best Script

“Games” by Joseph Amiel

Best Director

“#omgimtrending” Dir. Jorge Enrique Ponce

Best Actor

Patrick Alan Davis “#omgimtrending”

Best Actress

Beth Dixon “Off-Ramp”

Honorable Mentions

“The Trancenders” by Paul Dupree

“Indifferent” by El Walker

“Grannis On The Move” by Roberto Marrero

“Founding Fathers” by Giles Daoust