Los Angeles International Underground Film Festival



“Flawless Life” Dir. Ozgul Gurbuz

A film about a homeless guy. And it shows us about his understanding of the flawless life..

“Gramatik-Solidified” Dir. Brad Hasse

A music video driven by the use of bokeh silhouettes (an in-camera technique using basic paper cutouts placed in front of the camera lens).

“Harmony” Dir. Pierre-Emmanuel Plassart

In the little village of Harmony, Vanessa leads a quiet life as a housewife. It is only when she realizes the true nature of the town that she decides to flee the barbaric customs of its inhabitants including her own family. Caught in her escape, she will try again but can she ever succeed?

“Pearadise” Dir. Matej Matejka

A man living underground loses his grasp of socially acceptable behavior, remaining paralyzed in his own denial and hyper-consciousness. His projection of himself is the one lie he tries to live by, but even that he cannot control. His only salvation is to not see the reality around him.

“Rebekah Starr Band-Irrational Boy” Dir. Marcos Durian

The sexy rockers of all-girl band, The Rebekah Starr Band, channel their inner studio wrestling alter-egos to defeat a mystery adversary. Using graphic 80's wrestling moves, this fun and colorful video features a surprise celebrity cameo by screen legend Ron Jeremy.

“Sweet Mary & Jane” Dir. Patrick Pope & Bennett Smith

Set in the hip East Side of Los Angeles, SWEET MARY & JANE is the comic quest of three dynamic young women as they set their sights on breaking into LA's hottest new market: Gourmet Pot Edibles. Surrounded in vintage fashion, dating mishaps, and intoxicated adventures... hilarity ensues as they fight to make their mark in this wild new frontier!

“Terminal” Dir. Michael Okum

A 'Schizo-Mystery-Thriller' about a woman who is trying to maintain her sanity despite the seeming insurmountable odds against her...

“The Ballerina And The Rocking Horse” Dir. Micah Stuart

Emma, a 13 year old girl suffers a severe head trauma, plunging her into a coma for nearly 30 years. She awakes in the year 2042 to find her parents have grown feeble and have left her in the hands of an unusual caretaker. As Emma learns to cope with her new life, unstoppable events unravel before her. She is forced to hasten her readiness as she prepares for a dangerous journey to come.

“The Bride Of Frank” Dir. Kristi Uribes

Set in a 1950's Butcher shop, when The Bride wakes up without a memory, in a room full of meat, and with a lonely Butcher named Frank, she must remember who she was to discover who she is.

“The Combination” Dir. Jason Wallace

Everyone has a secret, even the innocent. When a combination to a safe is all that can keep you out of jail, you'll do just about anything to get it.

“The Hands Of Hollywood” Dir. Ryan Palmieri

The true story of the meteoric rise and fall of Steve Hershon, Hollywood's go to hand insert model.

“The Pink Room” Dir. Joel Sandvos

The Pink Room follows the journey of Mien and other young girls in the turbulent world of sex slavery that at times seems unfathomable.

“The Valley” Dir. Emmett Winters & Sharif Matar

After twelve years of keeping her childhood sexual abuse a secret, a twenty-year-old girl battles with the psychological aftermath. Seeing a therapist only accelerates delving into a past of torture, tears and fear. Her emotions become so bottled up inside that anxiety begins to take over her life in a way that drives her deeper into a dangerous depression.

“Underbelly Blues” Dir. Phil Messerer

What does an albino thug, a British meth cook, a gangster rapper, a sexual deviant redneck, a pair of lesbian strippers, a Corporate CEO, a frustrated pickpocket and his Jewish dominatrix mother have in common? They are all after the same briefcase. Let the mayhem ensue.

“Wannabe Killer” Dir.Kyle Morrison

Meet the world's dumbest serial killer.

“Warehouse” Dir. Casey Nelson

Two best friends awaken to find themselves prisoners in an abandoned warehouse. With no idea how they got there, they must piece together the events that led to their captivity, and figure out a way to escape. One of them has a dark secret however, that may prove deadly.

Best Narrative Short

“The Ballerina And The Rocking Horse” Dir. Micah Stuart

Best Narrative Feature

“Underbelly Blues” Dir. Phil Messerer

Best Documentary Short

“The Hands Of Hollywood” Dir. Ryan Palmieri

Best Documentary Feature

“The Pink Room” Dir. Joel Sandvos

Best Student Film

“The Bride Of Frank” Dir. Kristi Uribes

Best Animation

“Flawless Life” Dir. Ozgul Gurbuz

Best Experimental

“Terminal” Dir. Michael Okum

Best Music Video

“Rebekah Starr Band-Irrational Boy” Dir. Marcos Durian

Best Foreign Film

“Pearadise” Dir. Matej Matejka

Best Script

“One Bad Day” by L.E. Bond

Best Director

“The Pink Room” Dir. Joel Sandvos

Best Actor

Anthony Nikolchev “Pearadise”

Best Actress

Carrie Genzel “The Ballerina And The Rocking Horse”

Honorable Mentions

“Ripple” by Heather Faris

“Death Cult” by Carlton Witherell

“Buried On Page 8” by Jennifer Harrison

“Loveband” by Nicola Pedrozzi