Los Angeles International Underground Film Festival

Summer 2013 Selections & Winners

Summer 2013 Winners

“A Bucket of Water” Dir. Kaya Ozan Sorak        

A young Turkish boy from the suburbs of Istanbul, rebels to his life standards through the use of self-cleaning, tidiness and friendship.

“A Grief Observed” Dir. Tavis Crosbie       

C.S.Lewis' book 'A Grief Observed' adapted into a short film.  Through a type of video diary jumping through time, Joy reflects on the love she shared and what effect their separation has had on her. She questions the meaning of love, life, death and the strength of her faith.

“Alone In My Bed” Dir. Anayo Amuzie        

A young woman tries to break free from a stagnant relationship with her noncommittal lover. Music 'In my Bed' performed by Amy Winehouse.

“Balloon Head” Dir. Polaris Castillo        

Some people work too hard and forget they're following a daily routine that is slowly killing them.
'BalloonHead' follows the breakaway tale of an ordinary man who becomes something extraordinary.

“Behind The Bush” Dir. Yoann Luis      

Humiliation and violence punctuate the life of this broken man.
The silence's his refuge, the perversion his outlet.

“Black & Blue” Dir. Charles Peppers      

Skye, president of a high-caliber fraternity, struggles with his sexuality upon learning that an openly gay freshman is interested in joining the brotherhood.

“Chlorine” Dir. Joshua Parker       

Devon (Kate Levering, 'Drop Dead Diva'), while studying in the new studio rented by her boyfriend, Shawn (Gil McKinney, 'E.R.' & 'Friday Night Lights') explores a secret room under under the floor. Soon, long suppressed memories of her childhood start to surface. Driven by these tortured memories , she descends into a nightmare of fear and panic. Eerie clues about her past haunt her and blur the lines of reality. Will she unravel the mystery before its too late?

“Delusion” Dir. Edward Lyons        

When a troubled young woman obsessed with the cult of celebrity attempts to transcend her mundane existence, she gets more than she bargained for.

“Face To Face” Dir. Andy Chinn     

Bart, who has recently been released from prison, is reunited with his son and wants to find his wife while dealing with society.

“Girls’ Music” Dir. Martin Rhys Davies       

'How can you sit? I hope you don't sleep. I hope you like listening to music made for girls'.

“Go Mickey Go” Dir. Yvonne Charneskey       

A documentary outlining the life of Mary 'Mickey' Wright as we take you through her journey of being a 52 year old female race car driver. She didn't start her professional racing career until she was 45 and she is breaking records, winning races, and making history! Go Mickey Go!

“Go!” Dir. Ronit Pinto        

Fairy-tale music video set to the song 'Go!,' by Rosetta Pebble. Shot in Detroit.

“Hooba Jooba” Dir. Max Swiecki     

Hooba is in the dumps over his ex-girlfriend breaking up with him; it is up to his best friend, Jooba, to help him get back on track and enjoy life again.

“In The Spring” Dir. Kyle Dunlevy        

In the grip of illness, when hope seems lost, Alice finds strength in an unexpected friend.

“Lil Tokyo Reporter” Dir. Jeffrey Chin      

1935 Los Angeles, community leader Sei Fujii uncovers the corrupt activities of his community's underground mafia. He must choose between saving the face of his deteriorating community and confronting the issues head on through his newspaper. Based on a true story.

“Love In Our Time” Dir. Jonathan Fredrick  

A man (Jonathan Fredrick, HATFIELDS & McCOYS) and woman (Kristen Renton, SONS OF ANARCHY) wake up the morning after a one-night stand and try to figure out if they've just met the loves of their lives, or made a huge mistake.

“Love Song” Dir. Ian Asbjorsen      

In this drug-infused bisexual love triangle, a young artist must learn to transcend self-destruction through self-expression in an attempt to overcome a cycle of heartbreak & pain with music & love.

“Prisoner 614” Dir. David A. Portorreal        

When an off-kilter prisoner (Hemky Madera) is brought before a determined interrogator (Celestin Cornielle), one of them soon realizes that he got more than what he bargained for in this supernatural thriller.

“Temptation” Dir. Blake Woolwine       

Andrew ,a successful producer,charms his way out of a DUI ticket with a beautiful police office. His fiance, Natalie, walks away assuming he is cheating on her. She spends the night looking to get revenge but finds out her interest at the bar coincidentally knows Andrew and his faithful reputation.

“The Hitman and The Cleaner” Dir. Dino Dumandan         

From the dirty underbelly of the underworld, two longtime, co-working hitmen rendezvous before their next job. They recall jobs of old and bicker at each other on how to be a professional.

“The Interlude” Dir. Bolaji Tijani-Qudus       

Kenny Anderson is having a good time at the bar with his buddy. He receives a disturbing call from his son. Kenny jets to he ex wife's home to confront her new boyfriends. An altercation ensues that leads to an unexpected tragedy.

“The Last Tournament” Dir. Chih-Yang Cheng      

Bryan is a wushu (Chinese Martial art) athlete, he is training for 17 years, his passion and strong mind makes him keep doing this, runs in the rain doing alone. but he is getting 30 years old, his body is not on the top anymore.

“The Party Is Over” Dir. Vahe Gabuchian        

THE PARTY IS OVER tells the story of three college roommates and each of their bizarre, obsessive relationships. When Natan meets Sana, a strong-willed Muslim, he must confront his obsession with her dedication to religion in a modern society. Fino is arrested for sexually assaulting Nia, a beautiful classmate who enjoys aggressive role-play sex. He must find out whether he misunderstood Nia’s wishes or whether she is deeply manipulative. And Will, happy to learn that his girlfriend shares his appreciation for amateur pornography, is soon overwhelmed by the idea that she has her own puzzling curiosities. The relationships offer a humorous, twisted, and honest look at the complications of the American collegiate experience - one filled with cultural clashes, sexual awakening and intellectual adventures.

“Trying” Dir. Ross Novie         

TRYING is a comedy about the perils of fertility. From a 'tilted uterus' to 'slow and low' swimmers, MARK and LISA must navigate a complicated and hilarious tribulations of trying to make a baby in the modern world.

“Vengeance De Los Muertos” Dir. Steven Christopher Wallace       

The story of a college student whose father is murdered in a demolition derby competition. Distraught and under the encouragement of a ghost, he drops out of school and attends the subsequent derby in his father's place

Best Film Audience Award

“Lil Tokyo Reporter” Dir. Jeffrey Chin

Best Actor Audience Award

Chris Tashima “Lil Tokyo Reporter”

Best Actress Audience Award

Kate Levering “Chlorine”

Best Narrative Short

“Lil Tokyo Reporter” Dir. Jeffrey Chin

Best Narrative Feature

“The Party Is Over” Dir. Vahe Gabuchian

Best Documentary Short

“The Last Tournament” Dir. Chih-Yang Cheng

Best Documentary Feature

“Go Mickey Go” Dir. Yvonne Charneskey

Best Student Film

“Love Song” Dir. Ian Asbjorsen

Best Animation

“In The Spring” Dir. Kyle Kunlevy

Best Experimental

“A Grief Observed” Dir. Travis Crosbie

Best Music Video

“Girls’ Music” Dir. Martin Rhys Davies

Best Foreign Film

“Behind The Bush” Dir. Yoann Luis

Best Script

“The River Road” by C. Alexandra Allen

Best Director

“The Party Is Over” Dir. Vahe Gabuchian

Best Actor

Chris Tashima “Lil Tokyo Reporter”

Best Actress

Kate Levering “Chlorine”

Honorable Mentions

“Lifetime Loser” by James Ross

“Portrait Of A Thin Man” by Matthew Federici

“When Hearts Run Wild” by Brian Hedenberg

“Wild Mind 1” by Fujio Torikai