Los Angeles International Underground Film Festival

Summer 2014 Selections & Winners

Summer 2014 Winners

“Confessions Of A Womanizer” Dir. Miguel Ali          ( Block 2   Tickets )

What happens when a compulsive womanizer becomes best friends with a transgendered prostitute? Confessions of a Womanizer, a hybrid-improv film starring Gary Busey, C Thomas Howell, Andrew Lawrence, Jillian Rose Reed, Kelly Mantle and The Bella Twins.

“Dial Up” Dir. C. Igor Jemenez Galicia         ( Block 3   Tickets )

A recreation of the paranoia lived in the divided Berlin. Kind of love story interrupted by the secret information and the surveillance of the Stasi. A personal POV of the city...

“Eterna Venganza” Dir. Oscar Rodriquez Gorriz        ( Block 1   Tickets )

A woman seeks out the worst of men to satiate her thirst for revenge.

“Korn-Never Never” Dir. Giovanni Bucci         ( Block 2   Tickets )

Never Never tackles the old theme of love gone bad through the unexpected perspective of time. In this video the band is seen performing through alternating scenes, shot in green screen, which some are played at super slow motion and others at very high speed.

“Monotony” Dir. Joanne Postlewaite          ( Block 3   Tickets )

In a dystopian future a strange encounter breaks up the monotony of a man's working day.

“Penance” Dir. Jeff Wolfe         ( Block 1   Tickets )

A man makes the decision to cleanse his inner demons, revealing a buried past that begs the question... can we ever truly find forgiveness? And just how far will one go to get it...

“Seeds Of A Generation” Dir. Karen Criswell          ( Block 1   Tickets )

SEEDS OF A GENERATION is a short documentary exploring the hopes, fears, and dreams of two young women, who have grown up in middle class homes in the Midwest, as they graduate from high school and move forward with their lives. The documentary explores personal, generational, and political influences that strongly shape their views of the world that awaits them.

“Senza Tregua” Dir. Dimitris Statiris          ( Block 3   Tickets )

Life has not been kind to Giacobbe Fragomeni. His childhood was lived in the bleak outskirts of Milan, a cruel enviroment. An alcoholic father who beat the wife and the kids. It took him little to start down the road to drug addiction. Following the death of his father, sister and mother, this dark tunnel full of misery brings him to utter desperation. But Giacobbe is not just anyone, alone he starts his own fight against addiction, beginning to boxe 'in order to lose weight' he says. Thanks to the devotion and affection of his first trainer Ottavio Tazzi, Giako builds a lighting career. 'Boxing saved me'. In 2008, after life's many more trials, he becomes Cruiserweight World Champion WBC.

“Tengu” Dir. Kenichi Iwabuchi          ( Block 1   Tickets )

A guy is accused of stalking a lady at a police station, but these events take a twisted turn when a lady starts suffering from psychotic hallucinations. However things might not be what they seem.

“The Burner” Dir. Richard Greenwood Jr.          ( Block 2   Tickets )

A couple on the run think they've gotten away clean but soon find out they'll have to feel the burn...

“There’s An Octopus In Your Head” Dir. Ari Grabb          ( Block 1   Tickets )

An emotionally masochistic 'pancake master' attempts to unravel the mysteries of his mind by engaging in heavy-metal musical confrontations with the devil.

“Where Are They Now?” Dir. Zack Evans & Kaleb Tuttle         ( Block 1   Tickets )

When former child stars Jonathan Jacob Morris, Donnie Diamond, and Corey Campbell are kidnapped and sent back to 1997 by a psychotic ultra-fan, they must solve the mystery of what happened to their famous co-star, Kristy Clarke, before time runs out.

“(Z)” Dir. Spyros Kopanitsas        ( Block 1   Tickets )

In the not so distant future, where individuals uncontrollable behaviors can be formatted by extreme and invasive measures by a German corporation under the name (Z) Corp.; Nico, a raver junkie, wakes up one morning in his apartment only to realize it won't be an ordinary one.

Best Film Audience Award

“Penance” Dir. Jeff Wolfe

Best Actor Audience Award

David Lyons “Penance”

Best Actress Audience Award

Ana Ochoa “Eterna Venganza”

Best Narrative Short

“Penance” Dir. Jeff Wolfe

Best Narrative Feature

“Confessions Of A Womanizer” Dir. Miguel Ali

Best Documentary Short

“Seeds Of A Generation” Dir. Karen Criswell

Best Documentary Feature

“Senza Tregua” Dir. Dimitris Statiris

Best Student Film

“Where Are They Now?” Dir. Zack Evans & Kaleb Tuttle

Best Animation

“There’s An Octopus In Your Head” Dir. Ari Grabb

Best Experimental

“Dial Up” Dir. C. Igor Jimenez Galicia

Best Music Video

“Korn-Never Never” Dir. Giovanni Bucci

Best Foreign Film

“Eterna Venganza” Dir. Oscar Rodriquez Gorriz

Best Script

“The Plumber” by Jeffrey Ryback

Best Director

“Confessions Of A Womanizer” Dir. Miguel Ali

Best Actor

David Lyons “Penance”

Best Actress

Ana Ochoa “Eterna Venganza”

Honorable Mentions

“Monotony” Dir. Joanne Postlewaite

“Tengu” Dir. Kenichi Iwabuchi

“The Burner” Dir. Richard Greenwood Jr.

“(Z)” Dir. Spyros Kopanitsas

“Psychotropia” by  K. Page Stuart

“Utopia 69” by Daniel Guyton & Rachael Lambert