Los Angeles International Underground Film Festival

Winter 2015 Selections & Winners

Winter 2015 Winners

“A Solitary Mann” Dir. Loic Zimmermann       ( Block 2   Tickets )

Praised by the art community, cherished by gallery owners, followed on social media by hundreds of thousands of people, Mann's life is not what one would expect.  A Solitary Mann is a film about a painter's commitment to his passion without compromise or hesitation.

“All Right” Dir. Mitchel Gaby      ( Block 1   Tickets )

A young woman is taking a quiz, however her inability to concentrate gets the best of her and she grows more frustrated as past episodes and arguments with her family become too much for her to handle.

“American Dancer” Dir. Steven Espinosa       ( Block 2   Tickets )

A struggling dancer supports his dream as a small time criminal.

“Broken Window” Dir. Tia Salisbury       ( Block 2   Tickets )

An evening commute turns freaky, in this cautionary tale starring Marc Bessant.

“Casas De Jehad” Dir. Jon Greene, Bruno Freitas, Bruna Brazo & Fernanda Cerri       ( Block 1   Tickets )

This is a short film produced by documentary students from AIC, International Academy of Cinema in São Paulo. It tells the story of a Syrian family that escaped from civil war and now tries to adjust to life in Brazil. They have stories of pain, trauma and hope. Meet Jehad Ksebi, his Brazilian wife and his family in search of a fresh start away from home.

“City Bus” Dir. Lauren Hoekstra       ( Block 2   Tickets )

It's Helen’s 30th birthday. Her regular bus doesn’t arrive. The special bus that picks her up instead takes her back to her youth, to the time she betrayed the boy she loved. Before the end of this otherworldly ride, Helen must face her regret and choose the way forward.

“Embracing Me” Dir. Jimmy Ennett       ( Block 2   Tickets )

SAFIA music video "Embracing Me". Story of a young Amish couple who fall in love.

“Headlock” Dir. Garreth Stover       ( Block 1   Tickets )

A random, violent encounter between two men from vastly different backgrounds changes both of their lives.

“Mania” Dir. Jessica Cameron       ( Block 3   Tickets )

Two lesbian lovers are forced to flee their hometown after a brutal murder changes their lives forever.

“Mermaids On Mars” Dir. Jon Peters       ( Block 1   Tickets )

A young boy travels through a portal to Mars where he discovers the planet's unimaginable secret.

“Momma Rig” Dir. Josh Kaplan       ( Block 1   Tickets )

Two brothers, Dale & Earl Desmond, live alone on their family's isolated, dying oil field. Their last rig, Momma, who the brothers speak to and believe is their mother, is drying up and they must confront the end of their family's legacy. An offer from a land developer, pressure from a mentor to sell their land, and a visit from a mysterious stranger push the already feuding brothers to the edge of their sanity. Alone and afraid, they must decide between leaving their condemned birthright behind or staying with Momma until the bitter end.

“The Hand Job” Dir. Hart Perez & Devon Perez       ( Block 1   Tickets )

A human resources manager gets the surprise of his life when an applicant applies for an unusual job opening.

“The Light Thief” Dir. Eva Daoud       ( Block 2   Tickets )

When the essence of Love is snatched from someone and locked away in a vessel with no name , what happens to those persons and how do they change? How can the broken hearted souls break that curse and recover from their pain? Can they regain their spark by overcoming dark supernatural forces?

“The Lotus Gun” Dir. Amanda Milius       ( Block 1   Tickets )

The year is 2077, in a post-civilization world, where there are no laws or weapons, Nora and her best friend and lover, Daph, live an idyllic life in a rugged landscape. When a stranger arrives and Daph disappears, Nora has to go to extreme measures to get back what is her’s.

“Total Animal” Dir. Guerlotte Tristan       ( Block 3   Tickets )

Total animal III is an experimental audiovisual creation, digitally enhanced and musically intense. The space is timeless, dark, misshapen and translucid. Submerged beings plasticized with sensual vibrations are breaking under destructive sounds. These creatures clot together in their oleaginous universe all the way to total annihilation.

Best Film Audience Award

“Mania” Dir. Jessica Cameron

Best Actor Audience Award

Steve Lochowitz “Mania”

Best Actress Audience Award

Ellie Church “Mania”

Best Narrative Short

“City Bus” Dir. Lauren Hoekstra

Best Narrative Feature

“Mania” Dir. Jessica Cameron

Best Documentary Short

“Casas De Jehad” Dir. Jon Greene, Bruno Freitas, Bruna Bravo

& Fernanda Cerri

Best Documentary Feature

“A Solitary Mann” Dir. Loic Zimmermann

Best Student Film

“The Lotus Gun” Dir. Amanda Milius

Best Animation

“Mermaids On Mars” Dir. Jon Peters

Best Experimental

“Total Animal III” Dir. Guerlotte Tristan

Best Music Video

“Embracing Me” Dir. Jimmy Ennett

Best Foreign Film

“The Light Thief” Dir. Eva Daoud

Best Script

“The Day Of The Game” by Thomas L. Still

Best Director

“The Light Thief” Dir. Eva Daoud

Best Actor

Angel de Miguel “The Light Thief”

Best Actress

Maria Pedroviejo “The Light Thief”

Honorable Mentions

“Divine” by Janice Hallett

“Bring Me Home” by Christian Scheid