Los Angeles International Underground Film Festival

Summer 2015 Selections & Winners

Summer 2015 Winners

“9/11 Memorial: To Light” Dir. Carolyn Downie & Anne Hu        ( Block 3   Tickets )

'To Light' is a piece made for the opening of the new 9/11 Memorial in NYC marking the 10th anniversary of 9/11/01. The music is conceptual and mirrors the architectural concept by Michael Arad* with its angular, symmetrical and spacious design. A new perspective is also represented with Jungian psychology and philosophical themes expressed in the text. It’s a piece about learning, remembering and holding a space to connect with the architecture and the meaning of 9/11 moving forward. It's a piece about bringing things 'to light' and bringing 'light' to things. It's a piece to match the 9/11 WTC 'Tribute in Light'. It intends to help bring understanding and appreciation to everyone, especially those who are unable to visit.

“A Bottle’s Odyssey” Dir. Nik Kleverov        ( Block 3   Tickets )

A Plastic bottle goes on an epic odyssey to find its way back to its owner.

“Anguish” Dir. Jaime Torres         ( Block 2   Tickets )

After the death of her son in a tragic car accident, a grieving mother blames her self for the incident, until she receives a message from her son, to find him.

“Barker” Dir. Dave Paige          ( Block 1   Tickets )

Reeling from a recent break-up, Ollie seeks comfort in wine, punk rock, and the tribal closeness of his friend-family. When dragged out of the house by his two best friends, the three embark on a surreal, wild night, experiencing the emotional spectrum of what it's like to be young, alive on earth.

“Bwown Bugg” Dir. Will Shivers         ( Block 1   Tickets )

Aaron and Sarah lob a series of pitches for their masterpiece children's book, 'Bwown Bugg,' featuring a bug with an existential crisis.

“Curly” Dir. Gianina Ferreyra         ( Block 1   Tickets )

In June of 2006, the City of L.A. Department of Recreation and Parks granted the Chouinard Foundation, in the spirit of its namesake, an unprecedented partnership to bring free weekend art classes to the inner city of Los Angeles. As funding waned and the program closed, a documentary was created to depict the impact it had on its students.

“Disconnector” Dir. Faiyaz Jafri         ( Block 1   Tickets )

Bored lovers crash a disco simulator while experiencing true pleasure.

“Found” Dir. Dawn Fields         ( Block 2   Tickets )

A young man resurfaces after ten years to unburden his soul and seek forgiveness for an unspeakable crime.

“Grandpa’s Debtor” Dir. Beka Sikharulidze         ( Block 2   Tickets )

A family of swindlers search for the funeral services of rich people noted in the newspapers. Afterwards, a visit to these families with news that the deceased person owed money ensues.

“In Memory” Dir. 72 U         ( Block 1   Tickets )

In Memory tells the story of one community's digital journey through the life, death and remembering of PlainWhite Tom, a Chicago street performer who tragically took his life on January 1, 2013. After PlainWhite Tom used his Facebook as the stage for his goodbye's, his family and friends flooded his online profile with frantic messages of concern and love, pleading for him to change his mind. Within minutes, PlainWhite Tom's Facebook profile evolved from a social networking platform into an intimate support community, where Tom's family and friends honor his life and legacy through the sharing of photos, video and messages.

“Incendie - Camila Moreno” Dir. Sebastian Platz         ( Block 1   Tickets )

Camila finds her own body in a surreal forrest and witnesses her own transformation. A Live Action/Animation Music video.

“La Fin” Dir. Francois Nolla, Les Derniers & Hugo Hubert          ( Block 2   Tickets )

The young Lia, married to a banker that she no longer loves, sees its existence toggle in the wake of an unprecedented crisis. Outside reign chaos, the money has more courses, food is scarce.

Brutally burst into their homes, a band of thugs determined to survive is going to turn their lives in the course of a brief but wild behind closed doors.

Is Lia ready for the Nature should resume its rights?

“Spanners” Dir. Jonathan Maas        ( Block 3   Tickets )

The average human being lives from 0-80 sequentially. Spanners don't.

These rare beings have different lifespans than the rest of us. Some live their lives in reverse, some live only six months, and some are immortal. There are hundreds of classes of spanners that live hundreds of different ways, and each class has a unique lifespan that gives them unique powers.

Dr. Adam Parr is an immortal, the highest class of Spanner. When Dr. Parr finds that his immortal brother Jonathan has somehow been murdered, he must reconnect with his detective roots to solve the crime.

Dr. Parr teams up with a short-living, fast-learning Mayfly and delves into the Spanner underworld - because if someone could kill his immortal brother, Adam might be next.

“The Condor” Dir. Nina Varano        ( Block 2   Tickets )

The quest for enlightenment through psychological deconstruction takes its toll on a young woman, searching for her higher self. She must first learn to balance the dichotomy of power within her own mind between what is real, and what is perceived.
Welcome to The Condor. You're exactly where you’re supposed to be.

“The Films Of Avi Krum” Dir. Nicholas Musurca        ( Block 2   Tickets )

When Avi Krum is kidnapped by North Koreans, he claims to be a famous filmmaker to avoid execution. Unfortunately, they believe him--and force him to direct propaganda films under the supervision of Kim Jong-il.

He quickly becomes North Korea's leading filmmaker–and America's most notorious traitor--reinventing the history of cinema as he makes musicals, action films, and monster movies using the power of North Korea's state apparatus. Meanwhile American celebrities, experts, and politicians spin the Avi Krum phenomenon to suit their own agendas, calling him everything from a despicable traitor to a visionary artist.

“The May Company- Careful Of The Tales You Tell” Dir. Ryan Rozar        ( Block 2   Tickets )

This creepy yet whimsical music video for The May Company tells the story of three kids who, after their mother puts them to bed, see the shadows in their room become silhouettes of evil-looking hands. The hands spread through the house and set death traps for the kids and their family: cutting wires, placing a skateboard in the hallway, putting a fork in the microwave, and more. The kids try to venture out into the house, but are frightened back into their bed. With their devious work complete, the shadow hands leave the house through the window, turning off the children's nightlight behind them.

“Two Guys One Truck” Dir. Danny Herb         ( Block 1   Tickets )

Two movers, resembling the relationship of Abbot and Costello, on what seems to be a routine job get an unexpected visitor.

Best Film Audience Award

“Bwown Bugg” Dir. Will Shivers

Best Actor Audience Award

Aaron Caponigro “Bwown Bugg”

Best Actress Audience Award

Sarah Yovovich “Bwown Bugg”

Best Narrative Short

“La Fin” Dir. Francois Nolla, Les Derniers & Hugo Hubert

Best Narrative Feature

“Spanners” Dir. Jonathan Maas

Best Documentary Short

“In Memory” Dir. 72 U

Best Documentary Feature

“Curly” Dir. Gianina Ferreyra

Best Student Film

“Anguish” Dir. Jaime Torres

Best Animation

“Disconnector” Dir. Faiyaz Jafri

Best Experimental

“The Condor” Dir. Nina Varano

Best Music Video

“The May Company” Dir. Ryan Rozar

Best Foreign Film

“Grandpa’s Debtor” Dir. Beka Sikharulidze

Best Script

“Spy High” by Jeff Woodard

Best Director

“Spanners” Dir. Jonathan Maas

Best Actor

Shawn Christian “Spanners”

Best Actress

Marion Huguenin “La Fin”

Honorable Mentions

“Respawn” by  Toofun West

“Schizo” by Matthew Sidney Long & Christopher Virnig