Los Angeles International Underground Film Festival

Summer 2016 Selections & Winners

Summer 2016 Winners

“ A Life Lived ” Dir. Riley Wood      ( Block 3   Tickets )

The story about the life of a dollar bill, and the many lives it passes along the way.

“ Age Of Kaos ” Dir. Tim Larson      ( Block 2   Tickets )

Age of Kaos is an exploration into the nature of reality and perception. When a young nurse finds herself caring for a famous comic book writer with dementia, she struggles to find a way to help him escape the terror and loneliness of a world that only he can see.

“ Inheriting War ” Dir. Roy Klabin      ( Block 2   Tickets )

Inheriting War follows the lives of four Israeli teenagers as they prepare to face their mandatory military service.

“ Limbo ” Dir. Will Blank      ( Block 2   Tickets )

A short film adaptation of a comic strip by Marian Churchland. A man is stranded on the side of the road and finds a dying dog. He gives the dog water and in exchange the dog grants him a single wish.

“ Marian ” Dir. Shom Ghosh      ( Block 1   Tickets )

A young man struggles with deciphering his obsessions, dreams, memories, & differentiating them between actual reality.

“ Montage: Great Film Composers And The Piano ” Dir. Ben Proudfoot      ( Block 1   Tickets )

Celebrated pianist Gloria Cheng challenges the world'd greatest film composers - Williams, Newman, Giacchino, Broughton, Desplat and Davis - to write original pieces for solo piano.

“ Search History ” Dir. Neil Stevens      ( Block 2   Tickets )

A wife discovers her husbands search history and his obsession with a famous serial killer.

“ Shutter ” Dir. Robert Mueller      ( Block 1   Tickets )

Mark, an aspiring photographer, who witnesses a murder, tries to sell the pictures he took of the scene to an editorial department.

“ Stars ” Dir. Krista Vernoff      ( Block 2   Tickets )

Haunted by the traumas of her own childhood, a woman makes a powerful decision regarding her daughter.

“ Tasting The Moon ” Dir. Dawn Chan      ( Block 1   Tickets )

An Animated Trilogy of Impressionistic Dream Sequences featuring the First Generation of Contemporary Female Artists in Afghanistan.

“ The Art Of Human Salvage ” Dir. Dempsey Tillman      ( Block 3   Tickets )

In the near future, freedom of expression is banned by the corporation. After a young boy takes a photography and is processed for execution, a Salvage Officer attempts to save him from death.

“ The Graveyard Shift ” Dir. Lara Arikan      ( Block 2   Tickets )

It’s long past midnight when the tired and jumpy waitress decides to go and investigate the ominous noise she hears right outside the roadside coffee shop she’s working at. She discovers that a she is being attacked by a Zombie! The zombie lazily wobbles inside the shop and corners the poor waitress behind the counter. How will she save her self? What will it

“ The Invisible Truth ” Dir. Jacob Ferguson      ( Block 3   Tickets )

The viewer gets a glimpse of the effects of living in a home plagued by domestic violence through the mind of its most silent victim; a child.

“ The Long Arm Of The Leprecon ” Dir. Kelly Goodner      ( Block 1   Tickets )

A woman's attempt to buy her boyfriend a rare leprechaun t-shirt - based on his favorite viral video - unveils a supernatural scam that could cost her more than his love.

“ The Man ” Dir. Ramzy M. Shuhaiber      ( Block 1   Tickets )

In Dubai, a psychiatrist tells a sixteen year old to sleep with a prostitute to become a real man.

“ Three Fools ” Dir. Snobar Avani      ( Block 3   Tickets )

In a search for a place to settle down, the three friends Blue, Yellow and Green find their friendship being ruined by greed and headless competition.

Best Film Audience Award

“ Age Of Kaos ” Dir. Tim Larson

Best Actor Audience Award

Brent McCoy “Age Of Kaos”

Best Actress Audience Award

Anna Rose Moore “Age Of Kaos”

Best Narrative Short

“ Age Of Kaos ” Dir. Tim Larson

Best Narrative Feature

“ A Life Lived ” Dir. Riley Wood

Best Documentary Short

“ Montage: Great Film Composers And The Piano  ” Dir. Ben Proudfoot

Best Documentary Feature

“ Inheriting War ” Dir. Roy Klabin

Best Student Film

“ Shutter ” Dir. Robert Mueller

Best Animation

“ Three Fools ” Dir. Snobar Avani

Best Experimental

“ Marian ” Dir. Shom Ghosh

Best Music Video

“ Tasting The Moon ” Dir. Dawn Chan

Best Foreign Film

“ Son ” Dir. Konstantinos Sampanis

Best Script

“ Breakaway Heart ”by Gary Piazza

Best Director

“ A Life Lived ” Dir. Riley Wood

Best Actor

Heinz Hoenig “Son”

Best Actress

Denise Richards “A Life Lived”

Honorable Mentions

“ Beyond The Painted Line ”by Theresa Tierney

“ Ghost Town ”by Chris Halligan