Los Angeles International Underground Film Festival

Winter 2016 Selections & Winners

Winter 2016 Winners

“ 13 ” Dir. Hyun Kim     ( Block 1   Tickets )

A Korean-American boy travels to Korea to make a documentary about sexual slavery by Japan during World War II. Throughout his journey, he discovers the hardships of the victims, and later makes a song to raise awareness of the issue.

“ Back To Abstraction ” Dir. Matthew Quezada     ( Block 1   Tickets )

With a subtle nod to John Baldessari, this ten minute short combines quoted and clipped bites with originally built footage and text to express how art theory translates from museums to our everyday struggle with intimacy.

“ Black Ring ” Dir. Hasan Can Dagli     ( Block 2   Tickets )

A group of people organizes a special event in an abandoned mansion.

“ Brackenmore ” Dir. Chris Kemble & JP Davidson    ( Block 3   Tickets )

The close-knit community of Brackenmore is harbouring a secret.

“ Building 108 ” Dir. Rick Trembles     ( Block 2   Tickets )

Building 108 chronicles the misadventures of a ragtag trio of young broke mutant musicians who live and rehearse in a dilapidated building in a post-apocalyptic predatory urban environment.

“ Harmonica ” Dir. Ye Kuang     ( Block 2   Tickets )

During the World War II, at this point the war is almost end, a young Soviet soldier ANDREY finds out the host hidden in a German family when he searches the city, what surprises him is that, the host is the culprit who raped and killed his sister 5 years ago! All his memories flooding back of the dark day, a killing is going to explode .

“ Hyperloop Dreams ” Dir. Kenji Harman     ( Block 1   Tickets )

A deaf man lives his nightmare inside out.

“ Infidel ” Dir. Carey Kight     ( Block 2   Tickets )

An FBI agent has one last opportunity to work a terrorist plot out of an American detainee before the CIA starts using enhanced techniques.

“ Locked ” Dir. Ye Kuang     ( Block 2   Tickets )

A man locked his monster wife in the bedroom. In order to protect his wife, he killed all the people who came to seek help in his house.

“ Princess ” Dir. Adrian Rodriquez     ( Block 2   Tickets )

Princess, a young good looking prostitute, works for Negro who cares dearly for her. Almost in love. Princess however plans to kill him and leave the street business for good. As the story progresses, the narrative takes us to a dream-like journey where Negro dialogues with Death, while she welcomes him into her eternal sleep.

“ Savages ” Dir. Martin Desmond Roe & Nick Frew     ( Block 1   Tickets )

In a dystopian future Los Angeles, a young girl and her wild group of friends are determined to have the greatest day of their lives... even if it may be their last.

“ The Game ” Dir. Erick Loi & Paolo Maccarini     ( Block 3   Tickets )

“The Game” music video by Erick Loi & Paolo Maccarini.

“ The King Of Diamonds ” Dir. Joe Raffa     ( Block 1   Tickets )

The first story in an anthology series. The King Of Diamonds is a heist thriller that plays to lose.

“ Told You I’d Be With The Guys ” Dir. Riley  Blakeway     ( Block 2   Tickets )

Music video for Los Angeles rock band Cherry Glazerr.

“ Under The Table ” Dir. Max Walter     ( Block 3   Tickets )

An 30 year old man, obsessed with becoming a table-tennis champion, must first prove his worth to his bullying ex-footballer father.

“ Whiskey Sour ” Dir. Eli Stern     ( Block 1   Tickets )

A career hitman is cosmically outmatched by his next mark.

Best Film Audience Award

“ Locked ” Dir. Ye Kuang

Best Actor Audience Award

Vince Major “Locked”

Best Actress Audience Award

Gabrielle Stone “The King Of Diamonds”

Best Narrative Short

“ Locked ” Dir. Ye Kuang

Best Narrative Feature

“ Brackenmore ” Dir. Chris Kemble & JP Davidson

Best Documentary Short

“ Back To Abstraction ” Dir. Matthew Quezada

Best Documentary Feature

“ 13 ” Dir. Hyun Kim

Best Student Film

“ Harmonica ” Dir. Ye Kuang

Best Animation

“ Building 108 ” Dir. Rick Trembles

Best Experimental

“ Hyperloop Dreams ” Dir. Kenji Harman

Best Music Video

“ Told You I’d Be With The Guys ” Dir. Riley Blakeway

Best Foreign Film

“ Black Ring ” Dir. Hasan Can Dagli

Best Script

“ Leave It Be ”by Jordan Essary

Best Director

“ Brackenmore ” Dir. Chris Kemble & JP Davidson

Best Actor

Vince Major “Locked”

Best Actress

Sophie Hopkins “Brackenmore”

Honorable Mentions

“ Gone ”by HR Mariana

“ Mayday ”by Jeff Thomas